Class Cancellations

*Tai Chi Tues. 1pm last class May 1. Tai Chi Wed. 11am is now for all levels.

*Foundation Training cancelled Sat., May 5.

*Bellydance Beginner: No classes April 17 thru May 22. New series May 30.

*Bellydance Intermediate & Advanced: No class May 9 - 23. New series May 30.


*Miracle Ball Method CLASS: $40 /4 or $12/1 WORKSHOP: $49 OR $75
*Workshop Refresher Special: Half price ($25). If you have already attended Miracle Ball Method Workshop or Foundation Training Workshop, attend the next workshop for half price. $25 refresher. Please register in advance to assure your spot.


*Pilates for MS group class on Tuesdays at 10am

*Miracle Ball Method: Thurs. 11:00am

*Pilates EQUIPMENT Fusion: Sat. 11:00am

*Stepping Into the New (Vibration Med. with a bonus) starts May 1. Scroll down

*New Tribal Belly Dance Beginners starts May 30 on Wednesdays at 5:30

WORKSHOPS (scroll down for details)

*Foundation Training WORKSHOPS: Sat. May 12 or June TBA:  1:00 - 3:00pm

*Miracle Ball Method WORKSHOP: Sat. April 28 or June (TBA):  1:00-2:30pm

*Stepping Into the New (Vibration Med. with a bonus) starts May 1 6:30 - 7:30pm




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 Foundation Training Workshop and Classes

Foundation Training exercises are designed to teach your body to be the strongest it can be. Improve posture, build stronger back & core, decompress your spine, experience back pain relief and live better with Foundation Training's revolutionary back pain exercise program. Certified instructor, Jemetta Hunt offers workshops and follow-up classes. Attending workshop is prerequisite to classes. For those who have already attended a workshop, private or small group session, please join us for a workout or refresher on Thursdays and Saturdays at 9am.

       Day:    Sat. May 12, 2018   
       Time:   1:00-3:00pm
       Fee:     $49 Workshop only
                 $89 includes (3)50-minute classes

       Refresher Special: $25 - if you have already attended a FT workshop.
Classes are on Thurs or Sat at 9am
Please call to register: 239-770-8670 

Miracle Ball Method Workshop and Classes
Miracle Ball Method is a relaxing, restorative system that helps release excess tension in our muscles, allowing our body's own alignment system to work. Using small, soft balls placed strategically under the body, you will gently breathe your way into release to help you reach your full potential for a healthy mind and body!
NEXT WORKSHOP - APRIL SPECIAL $75includes 3 classes (Save $14 off regular)
      Day:    Sat. April 28 or June (TBA), 2018
      Time:   1:00-2:30pm

      Fee:     $49 Workshop only includes 2 balls & exercise list
                $75 includes (3)50-minute classes plus balls & list

       Refresher Special: $25 - if you have already attended a MB workshop.

Classes are on Thurs at 11:00am
Please call to register: 239-770-8670

Gokhale Method Posture Workshop
Offered in 2 days on Saturday and Sunday and a Free intro session on Friday night.
Full 6-lesson Workshop:
    Sat. April 14   12:30 - 6:00pm
    Sun. April 15  11:00am - 5:00pm

Free Intro Workshop:

     Fri. April 13  6:30 - 7:30pm
Space limited to 8 participants and you must pre-register through
Register online at:
This course provides you with lifelong tools for healthy, pain-free posture and movement. No special equipment or exercise is required. Effects are often immediate and last a lifetime. Join the thousands who use the Gokhale Method to look better, feel better and live better. You will practice postures in: Tall Standing, Stack Sitting, Stretch Lying, Hip Hinging, Glidewalking.
Stepping Into the New (Vibration Meditation with a bonus) with Dolores J. Gozzi

BONUS:  Work with Flower Essence, Sacred Sounds, Meditation and Journaling. Set intentions and goals to reset patterns and re-establish your core values. This process can help us see clearly what we are doing and how we are trapped in our own patterns. Reduce stress and experience a deep sense of peace. 
       Week 1: Release of old habits

       Week 2: Awareness & confidence in your unique skills and potentials
       Week 3: Release of attachment to distraction
       Week 4: Stop doubting and judging yourself
       Week 5: You are the Creator of your own life
       Week 6: Let go of addictions
Day/ Time: Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:30pm – may attend 1 or all sessions
Dates: May 1 – June 5
Fee:  Single Class $25
        3 Class package $70
        SAVE: 6 class package $130 IF PURCHASED BY APRIL 24
                                        $150 if purchased after April 24

Please call to register: 239-770-8670