New Classes/ Class Changes & Cancellations

*Beginner's Level 1 Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention is back.

  Class starts on Tueday, October 2 from 1:00 - 1:50pm

*Bellydance: New beginner's series starts 9/12.

*Miracle Ball Method Class now offered Thursdays 10am

*Buff Bones® Pilates & More now on Tuesday 5:30pm and Saturday 10:00am

*Vibration Meditation every 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm - next class Oct. 9


*Workshop Refresher Special: Half price ($25)

  If you have already attended Miracle Ball Method Workshop or

  Foundation Training Workshop, you are invited to attend the next workshop

  for half price. $25 refresher.

WORKSHOPS (scroll down for details)




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 Foundation Training Workshop and Classes

Foundation Training exercises are designed to teach your body to be the strongest it can be. Improve posture, build stronger back & core, decompress your spine, experience back pain relief and live better with Foundation Training's revolutionary back pain exercise program. Certified instructor, Jemetta Hunt offers workshops and follow-up classes. Attending workshop is prerequisite to classes. For those who have already attended a workshop, private or small group session, please join us for a workout or refresher on Thursdays and Saturdays at 9am.

       Day:    Sat. Sept. 8, 2018 (No August Workshop) 
       Time:   1:00-3:00pm
       Fee:     $49 Workshop only
                 $89 includes (3)50-minute classes

       Refresher Special: $25 - if you have already attended a FT workshop.
Classes are on Thurs or Sat at 9am
Please call to register: 239-770-8670 

Miracle Ball Method Workshop and Classes
Miracle Ball Method is a relaxing, restorative system that helps release excess tension in our muscles, allowing our body's own alignment system to work. Using small, soft balls placed strategically under the body, you will gently breathe your way into release to help you reach your full potential for a healthy mind and body!
      Day:    Sat. Sept. 22, 2018 (No August Workshop)
      Time:   1:00-2:30pm

      Fee:     $49 Workshop only includes 2 balls & exercise list

                $89 includes (3)50-minute classes (Thursdays at 10am)

       Refresher Special: $25 - if you have already attended a MB workshop.
Please call to register: 239-770-8670

Vibration Meditation with a bonus with Dolores J. Gozzi

BONUS:  Sacred Sounds, Meditation and Essences. Relax, breathe, release and enjoy this self-guided personal journey through sound vibration with singing bowls and drumming. Reduce your stress and experience a deep sense of peace. A suggestion 'intention' will be offered for your consideration.
    Day: 2nd Tuesday each month

    Time: 6:30-7:30pm
    Fee:  Single Class $25
   Please call to register: 239-770-8670